Keystone Technologies Inc. launches website with new brand and enhanced features.

In addition to a refreshed brand, Keystone’s new website features an advanced content management system and a sophisticated product catalog and information architecture.

As a leader in the ballast and lighting industry for over six decades, Keystone Technologies Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures reliable ballasts and advanced lighting products. When they wanted a refreshed brand and website that delivered their customers the same level of satisfaction as their products, they turned to Timmons&Company.

Refreshed Brand

In the ballast and lighting industry, Keystone has a reputation for providing high-quality products, ballast expertise and unparalleled customer service. Their brand, however, had fallen behind the times. Our first step was to refresh their brand in a way that spoke better to their target audience and reflected their reputation as a premier lighting solutions provider. In addition to updating their logo, we created a clean, sophisticated look and used beautiful, luminous imagery to match the sleek design of their products.

We also decided to use simple, bold copy (such as “Light Made Right”) to emphasize their company’s responsiveness and straight-shooting brand persona. Through the copy and by adding “Since 1945” to their logo, we used their six and half decades of experience to strengthen their brand while paying homage to their family-owned heritage.

Simple, Yet Comprehensive Content Management

With over 390 total products, one of Keystone’s main goals with their new website was implementing a content management system (CMS) that allowed their staff to easily update their web content to match their constantly changing and expanding product catalog. Keystone needed a system that was both simple and intuitive for their staff to use but was also advanced enough to enable intricate editing and file uploading. We recommended they build their new site in Drupal, a feature rich, open source content management platform, which delivered the right balance between user-friendliness and advanced content editing tools.

Traditionally, if you had over 390 products, all of which have varying electrical specs and competitive product cross references that are linked across multiple databases, even making the smallest manual update would be a painstakingly laborious process. The Drupal CMS made this process easy, allowing Keystone web administrators to make one, or many, updates that would then be automatically synched across the entire site while preserving the cross referencing and information architecture.

Customer-Driven Search Capabilities

One of the biggest goals of the new site was to increase user satisfaction by making it easy for their customers to navigate their massive product catalog and quickly find the products they were looking for. To achieve this, we created a faceted search capability – enabling their customers to apply over 10 filter options and, in a matter of seconds, narrow their catalog down to the specific group of products that meet their visitors’ exact specifications. This feature is a huge improvement for Keystone and takes their site from being merely an informative resource to a fully functioning, interactive product catalog for both their customers and sales representatives.

In addition to the faceted search, we also implemented an advanced keyword search that searches not only product names and descriptions, but every data field available – down to the most minute electrical spec. Those results can then be further filtered using the same faceted system mentioned above to give users yet another fast and intuitive way to get the information they need. We also made an interactive version of their printed product catalog, improving the navigation and user experience of a resource that was previously difficult to translate to a digital medium.




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